### -- [ CSRF | Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save v1.3 ]


✖ Proof of concept is provided for informational purposes only.

✖ Successful exploitation requires administrator privileges.

✖ Injected payload will trigger an alert message with the text «Injected!».

✖ Tested on WordPress v5.7 + Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save plugin v1.3 [2021-03-29]


Target URL*:

* Only domain name needed!

Text Options:

Prevent Selection:

Prevent CTRL + A (Select All):

Prevent CTRL + C (Copy):

Prevent CTRL + X (Cut):

Prevent CTRL + V (Paste):

Allow Copy, Cut and Paste for Text Input and Text Area:

Image Options:

Prevent Image Saving:

Image Saving Disabled Message Text:

Other Options:

Prevent Saving Page Using CTRL + S:

Disable Context Menu:

Context menu Disabled Message Text: